Your save file (i.e. your unlocked stages in Stage Select, Match mode data and unlocked Weapons) is stored in the game directory as system.dat.

Unlockable weapons by number of Plays or Rank Edit

All weapons minus the Accelerator can be unlocked by reaching a number of plays, i. e. the number of times you start AND finish in ARCADE, STORY or MATCH mode. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose and get a rank E, Closing the game or returning to the main menu however doesn't count as a play.

Achieving a certain rank in a stage in either ARCADE or STORY mode can also unlock a weapon.

Weapon Plays required other conditions
Beam Rifle - (initial weapon)
Bazooka - (initial weapon)
Machinegun - (initial weapon)
Spread 5 -
Beam Bazooka 10 A rank in Stage 1
4 Cannon 15 A rank in Stage 5
Trap 20 A rank in Stage 2
Sword 25 Play stage 7 (Rank doesn't matter)
Pod 30 A rank in Stage 3
Force Edge 35 A rank in Stage 4
Flamethrower 40 Play stage 4 (Rank doesn't matter)
Buster 45 A rank in Stage 6
Bullet 60 A rank (Normal) in Stage 1
Shock 70

A rank (Normal) in Stage 2 or 4

Launcher 80 A rank (Normal) in Stage 5 or 6
Pilebunker 90 A rank in Stage 7 Normal
Accelerator - Defeat Hime (SP) in MATCH mode

Other unlockable features Edit

Beating the final stage or reaching 50 plays unlocks MATCH mode.

Beating the final stage on Normal difficulty or reaching 100 plays unlocks SP difficulty in MATCH mode. To fight a boss in SP mode you also need to defeat the Hard version.

Reaching 100 plays unlocks a special game CG.

Defeating every opponent on SP difficulty unlocks a special game CG.