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Star Breaker is the boss of the last two stages of sora.

Just when Sora won the duel against Nath, effectively ending the conflict, Star Breaker unleashed a powerful beam attack on the crippled robot and seemingly eradicated her.

Star Breaker immolated an entire city before Sora eventually cornered her. She was supposed to be the army's secret weapon, but her mental instability combined with her tremendous power proved to be too much to be held in check.

As her name implies, Star Breaker's biggest joy is destruction. Her adorable looks are in stark contrast to her violent personality. Losing a battle deepens her insanity even more.

Star Breaker controls fire. Her flame attacks raise the Heat of her enemies to critical levels and her searing lasers combined with devastating bombs cause very high damage. Her flames are even capable of reducing Sora's Hyper energy. After being defeated by Sora in their first encounter the maddened Star Breaker enters a massive war machine and intends to utterly destroy the planet Earth.

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Acceleration of Suguri 2

200% Mixed Juice

100% Orange Juice as DLC