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Good Moves Edit

Defeated Mira without being hit by rolling blades Edit

Before the battle begins you can position yourself in the middle of the screen and move up and down. You will dodge all the blades. Once all of them return just move to the bottom where you should be safe.

Crowd Control Edit

Defeated the Operator after defeating 30 wisps Edit

Keep your distance and clear out the wisps with an area-attack weapon like ARTILLERY.

Defused Edit

Defeated the Breaker phase 2 after destroying all warheads Edit

The warheads are the large flamethrowers in phase two and they are only vulnerable while opened. The lockon only sticks to them while you're close, and destroying them from a close range is rather tricky - especially on the higher difficulty modes. One possible way to deal with them is to disable lockon and snipe them with PULSEGUN. Another is using ZAPPER, either by bypassing the flames with a hyper or waiting until it stops attacking.