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Stage EX Edit


Although LAUNCHER's damage has been nerfed badly after the patch it’s still pretty efficient at hitting Suguri while she’s dashing around and dodging your beam shots.

You need to get really close or aim manually to hit those two bosses with the BAZOOKA repeatedly, but if you want to get it over with really quick BAZOOKA is your best friend.

BULLET can hit Suguri while she's dashing and is faster than the other live ammo weapons.

ZAPPER will block those annoying blue Hime shots. It doesn't protect you against the chains though.

Hime Edit

Hime knows a couple new tricks. Her Inviolability has a big safespot at the top corners.

Her binding chain blocks shots. Walldash during her Eternal Incandescence on Easy and Normal modes. The Hard version is much trickier and requires very accurate dashing. Try to focus on the bottom blade.

The third gauge is tricky: her new omnidirectional attack in particular is a pain to dodge. Keep your hypers to dodge or use shield frames of the SWORD or PILEBUNKER.

Suguri Edit

Suguri is capable of dashing just like you. Beam and Penetration type weapons will simply miss her during her dashes. This means that you either cease shooting until Suguri stops dashing or you use Live-ammunition/melee attacks. Suguri is fought in an AoS-like arena, but you don’t lose Hyper gauge for dashing near the edges. Some of Suguri’s beam attacks cause undashable explosions when hitting the edge, however, so try to stay near the center.

Suguri alternates between chasing and evading you. Her first hyper attack is easily dodged by moving from one of her flanks along the screen to the other. The one with the huge homing rockets can be a pain. Move from one edge to the opposite while moving behind the chasing Suguri. You can also try getting right next to Suguri before she spawns the nukes - by being between her and the nearest wall before it begins. The rockets will be aimed away from you. If you're too late you can also get behind her, the rockets will pass you as well.

During her Force Edge attack don’t stop dashing, walldash all the time. The popcorn bullets will hurt you if you stand still.

For the final attack in SP you can use the defensive move of your ZAPPER to block the blue shots, but you won't get any hyper that way, and the planets will slam into you.