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Stage 7 Edit


Like Shifu in SUGURI, Star Breaker doesn't move in any of the phases. Slower weapons like BAZOOKA and SHOCK deal damage accordingly.

Star Breaker's hitbox is massive, which makes her vulnerable to heavy, but inaccurate weapons like the POD, RIFLE (H), BULLET, ARTILLERY or the PULSEGUN hyper. The ZAPPER destroys the flame throwing warheads nearly instantly.

First Approach Edit

The battle will start with Star Breaker approaching from afar firing undashable lasers, and explosive missiles from the background. The pattern goes one laser and missiles, repeat. Dodge the missiles and lasers long enough and Star Breaker will come in to attack more closely.

First Phase Edit

Stay away from the screen edges, the chains hitting the walls will cause huge undashable flames. The lasers are undashable at point blank. Take care to avoid explosions.

This means that you should dash dance at medium distance for most of the first phase.

Second Approach Edit

After you deal enough damage to Star Breaker, she will head to the background again and do an almost exact repeat of the first approach with one key difference: she will fire two lasers at once instead of one. Everything else is identical to the first approach, and surviving will prompt Star Breaker to begin the second phase.

Second Phase Edit

Star Breaker's body isn't targeted initially, press the "nearest target button" to target her manually instead of the flamethrowers. Keep your eyes on the big flamethrowers at all times. Move towards the edge when the lasers come and get closer after they stop firing.

The ring of warheads moves either clockwise or counterclockwise. When you go along with it you're less likely to run into a suddenly opening flamethrower.

The flamethrowers can be destroyed while they're opened. Destroying one of them freezes the score counter.

Third Phase Edit

Star Breaker will start this phase by attacking you with dashable beams fired from a spinning ring of machines. Whenever this ring is in place, penetration weapons like the BUSTER are required to hurt Star Breaker. The ring is destructible, but very durable. Once Star Breaker is at 50% HP, massive missiles appear at  the top and bottom corners of the screen limiting your movement. Dash continuously to avoid damage from lasers and beams, and dodge all explosions, making sure to attack whenever you have an opening. Whenever the large pink laser of perdition is fired, dash into it to fill up your hyper meter, then use hyper attacks to damage Star Breaker and avoid explosions.You will get enough hyper meter to blast Star Breaker into oblivion.