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Stage 6 Edit


The SHOCK and SWORD hyper (among others?) trivialize Star Breaker’s final attack.

The PULSEGUN can bypass Star Breaker's flames and destroy her laser bots quickly.

If you get burned by the red flames and have to stay at 300% heat for a certain time it is actually beneficial for the RIFLE (H), which causes huge damage above 200% heat.

The ACCELERATOR hyper will help if you really need to cool off. It won't get rid of either the red or blue status effects, though.

The ships will attack you with a multitude of weapons, but its parts are partially visible and vulnerable before they can damage you. Take out the rocket launchers specifically before they can fire, the beam guns will give you free meter.

Star Breaker Edit

Star Breaker uses red and blue flames: the red flames inflict you with a burning status, meaning that your heat will not cool down, but raise constantly instead. The blue flames inflict a status which drains your hyper gauge.

The blue flames in particular need to be avoided at all costs since getting to the final phase without any Hyper energy left is like a death sentence.

Star Breakers red and blue flames block live ammunition while the blue flames block both live ammunition and beam weapons. Stick to penetrating weapons and beam weapons, live ammunition will be destroyed by both flames.

Always observe Star Breaker rather than your sprite. That way you will notice immediately when she hides mines or activates robots with the searing lasers. The lasers themselves are dashable, but they cause undashable area damage at the screen edges.

Fire a SHOCK or SWORD hyper during her final attack to destroy all the laser bots. Then you can walldash in the bottom left corners to bypass the attack unscathed (though you will probably get afflicted by the blue flame). If you don't get rid of them you have to evade the searing screen edge damage while dodging the flames.