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Stage 5 Edit


ARTILLERY helps diminish Nath’s onslaught of rockets, pods and so on. Even if you hit the reflecting shields and have to dodge the counter lasers it’s still a big help.

BAZOOKA helps getting rid of said shields.

SPRITE and ZAPPER trivialize poor Nath. Then again, ZAPPER trivializes pretty much anything in the game.

The mid-boss has a second phase if you don’t attack its core directly. Slash at it with the SWORD to bypass the second phase.

Nath Edit

Kind of like Kyoko in SUGURI, this boss tests your patience foremost. Just like Kyoko you need to damage her slowly until the third phase. Then you go all out with Hypers and dash attacks. But stay above or below Nath or you will hit her shielding arm.

Her rush and absorption attacks deal huge damage, the latter being the most damaging move in the game with 2000 damage.