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Stage 3 Edit


☀(Other weapons are entirely usable, they just won't be quite as easy to apply to situations within the level as the above).

World of Sepia Edit

The stage starts with sora blocking a large yellow laser. This laser will appear later and is dashable, as well as capable of filling a large portion of your hyper meter. The enemies you will be facing this time are agile beam firing ones and more generic ones later on. One method of dealing with the agile enemies is dashing up to them, then using the SWORD on them. All other enemies are generic and more easily disposed of. Eventually, you will be fighting relatively close to the ground. When a large number of warning indicators appear, get to the left side of the screen immediately. The mid boss will introduce itself by falling to the ground on the right side of the screen, dealing damage if it hits you. The mid boss uses several attacks on you throughout the fight. One involves firing missiles that home in horizontally, then vertically while firing the large yellow laser from earlier at you. One way to survive this is to dash across the laser to charge your hyper meter, avoiding the missiles by evading them vertically and then horizontally, the opposite order of the directions they home in on you with. Another attack involves dropping a large number of bouncing, undashable explosives. These explosives are easily cleared with weapons like the BULLET and ARTILLERY, and they don't bounce much higher than the mid boss itself for the most part. Periodically, the mid boss will rise up off the screen, then fall on the opposite side and resume attacks. The mid boss is shielded from non-penetrating weapons on the top, so attacking from the side is a better option for the most part.

Once you defeat the mid boss, things proceed the same as before until a few unusual attacks occur. Line shaped tornadoes will appear several times, each time stretching from one end of the screen to the other. Getting too close will normally get you sucked in and damaged. Luckily, these tornadoes are dashable. After all the enemies are either eliminated or leave the screen, numerous warning indicators will appear on your left and right sides. First, a large undashable disk will be thrown from the right, then another from the left. Both will travel upwards after losing horizontal momentum.

Mira Edit

Mira will start the battle by teleporting away from you. They will then proceed to hurl the large disks again, both of which now spew disconnected beams. Mira will then throw knives at you, which home in on you in stiff, quick movements less fluid than those of a missile. The easiest way to deal with this attack is to use a weapon like the ARTILLERY, or the dash attack of the RIFLE (H) and RIFLE (S), to destroy the knives, but another you can also get them stuck in walls, though they will hurt you if you run into them along walls. Keep in mind that Mira also uses slower moving knives that stay on the screen for longer periods of time before moving, which can and will catch you off guard if you ignore them. Mira likes to use their disks to make the screen edges unsafe, so stay away from them for now. The FUSE can be best used in this battle by placing it, then detonating it when Mira teleports on top of it.

Once you lower Mira's health to a third, they will use their hyper attack. This attack surrounds Mira with 3 disks spinning around them, which are then thrown at you one by one. Knife attacks and other attacks do not cease. It should also be noted that the disks block non-penetrating attacks. Dodge the disks, use hypers, and you should be able to take Mira down.