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Stage 2 Edit


☀(Other weapons are entirely usable, they just won't be quite as easy to apply to situations within the level as the above).

Ice Cage Edit

This stage will start much like the last one, though without a cutscene. The only notable change is that enemies will come from multiple directions more often, as well as the background towards the end of the level. Eventually you will come across another mid boss, this one firing many beams and missiles, as well as periodically firing two lasers. Dashing will keep you safe for the most part, but dashing along the walls may get you hit with missiles. Also, the lasers can be destroyed either by locking onto them and firing at them, or using weapons like the ARTILLERY. PULSEGUN can be used against Tsih when she goes in stealth mode.

Tsih Edit

Tsih periodically goes into a stealth mode, disabling your ability to lock on to her for at least 10 seconds. Keep in mind you can still hurt Tsih while she is in stealth mode, you just need to be careful about it.

Tsih starts the battle by going into stealth mode and firing curving beams. She then uses an attack where she pulls in multiple boulders to attack with. To dodge the boulders, look for strings from Tsih to the ends of the screen, and avoid them. When in stealth mode, Tsih will periodically fire homing beams that can be evaded via dashing.

After reducing Tsih's health to a third, she will use her hyper. Her hyper consists of her going to the top of the screen and using strings to pull up 4 extremely large boulders 2 at a time, then letting them fall and pulling in standard boulders.