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The plot of "sora" takes place a long time before SUGURI. The eponymous heroine Sora is a precursor of Suguri.

Japanese original text:

青かった星は 少しずつ黒く塗りつぶされていた。



誰と誰が始めたのかなんて、もう分からないくらい いつからか、人は戦争の意味も忘れて戦っていた。

人の体は兵器になって、いつか夢見た空飛ぶ夢も 人を殺す為の術になって、命をさらりと消していった。

いつまでも続く戦い でも終わりは見えていた。 人は数を減らしたし、戦いの場である星が、死ぬ寸前だったから。

そうなると人は、びくびくしながら傷つかない様に戦い続け 終わりが見えてる戦いを長引かせていった。

そんな時、一人の女の子が生まれた。 名前はソラ。 戦いの中で生まれた彼女は、戦う為の力を持って生まれた。 もちろん本人はそんな物望んでいなかったけれど、周りは それを喜び、彼女の意思なんかかまう事無く戦場に送り込んだ。

ボロボロの星での、最後の戦争。 勝っても負けても何も残らない戦争。 ソラには、戦う意味なんて分からなかった。

English translation :

The beautiful blue sky is getting painted darker each passing moment.


People killing each other.

No one even knows who started it anymore.

No one even knows how long they have been fighting against each other, forgetting what they are fighting for.

People have made themselves into weapons to snuff others out, forgetting their dream of flying freely in the sky.

The war has been lasting forever. But the end seems to be at hand. The population has seen a massive decrease, and the whole planet as the battlefiled is on the verge of destruction.

Knowing all that, people have become weak and keep warring without getting hurt themselves. That way, they are merely postponing the inevitable.

During the war, a girl was born. Her name was Sora. She was born with a power for fighting. She was not happy about it, but the people around her were and they sent her to the battlefield with no thought for her feelings at all.

The last war on the worn-out planet. Whether it is won or lost, there would be nothing left.

Sora did not know the meaning of the fight