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The composer of sora’s BGM is DJ DEKU.

... The Game has two official Soundtrack releases called "SORA NO KAKERA" and “CELESTE

Intro theme: Daedalus

Menu theme 1: Menu

Practice Stage theme: Practice

Stage 1 theme: Gray hued

Stage 1 Boss theme: Readiness

Stage 2 theme: Ice cage1

Stage 2 Boss theme: Ice cage2

Stage 3 theme: World of sepia

Stage 3 Boss theme: Over drive

Stage 4 theme: Each Reason

Stage 4 Boss theme: Le Train

Stage 5 theme: Regalia

Stage 5 Boss theme: Abstract

Stage 6 theme: Necessary

Stage 6 Boss theme: Novation

Final Boss theme: Grand blue

Ending theme 1: Morning Glory

Stage EX Boss theme 1: Rendezvous

Stage EX Boss theme 2: Icarus

Ending theme 2: ソラノカケラ (fragment of the sky)

Menu theme 2: Many years later