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This article is about the sequel of the first game SUGURI. For the character with the same name, see Sora (character).

ソラ sora - Suguri II Is a 2D horizontal shooting game with automatic targeting for the PC.

A trial version (untranslated) with the first two stages can be found on the download page of Orange Juice.

Gameplay Edit

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“sora” is a fast-paced Shoot ’Em Up, just like its predecessor SUGURI. The main objective is to survive the waves of incoming enemies and defeat the boss. You start each stage with a full healthbar and lose the game once it is depleted. For each stage you have to equip 3 weapons out of 23 (7 of those have been added in v1.1). When you play sora for the first time, you can choose between three initial weapons: RIFLE-M, BAZOOKA and SWORD. You can unlock more weapons by playing a certain amount of times, reaching a specific stage or by achieving an A rank in specific stages.

List of changes from SUGURI to Sora: Edit

"PlayGuide" feature: large ring highlighting current position
heat increases faster and decreases slower
repair mechanic to partially refill health
equipping 3 weapons instead of 2, weapon swapping in Arcade mode removed
each weapon now has one or two slot types: main, sub and special
"farthest" lockon button removed
graphical update: higher resolution sprites, more elaborate backgrounds, use of bloom effects
addition of EX stage, only accessible in Story mode
chain meter interrupted in non-action parts of stages, no longer reset by received damage
6 new weapons which can be unlocked by having a high enough playcount
old weapons renamed and tweaked: many weapons now have special properties, but reduced damage
dash hyper attacks
"advanced shield" that allows delayed use of hyper attacks
player gets stunned from certain attacks and has longer invincible frames after being hit

arguably moodier story and soundtrack

Story Edit

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"sora" is the story of a lonely soldier girl deserting from a robotic army and turning against her former allies to end all fighting. She still remembers how beautiful the sky looked back then in her childhood…

Strategy Edit

Main articles: Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4, Stage 5, Stage 6, Stage 7, Stage EX, Achievement guide and Enemy attack patterns

You can swap your weapons by choosing the Weapons option in the main menu or by pressing the Lock on button during the Story Mode screen.. Your weapon choice has much bearing on the difficulty of the various stages. Unlike in SUGURI you can’t swap your weapons during an Arcade run.

Read the Weapon guide for more information and choose your weapons for each stage prudently.

In contrast to SUGURI some of the enemies in sora will stay on screen until you defeat them. New enemies will not spawn and the stage will not progress until you defeat all currently visible enemies. If your Hyper meter is running low you can dash through enemy attacks for a while before clearing the screen.

Miscellaneous Edit

Main articles: Game Music, Bugs/Troubleshooting and Unlockables

Controversy Edit

ΩTH, the first official translator, has been criticized for poor quality of the translation, bugs which weren't present in the original release and the addition of SecuROM DRM. For more information read this thread and this article.

External links Edit

Japanese Orange Juice fan Wiki

Orange-Juice official sora page

  • Developer: Orange-Juice
  • Publisher: Orange-Juice
  • Released: (original release) Comiket 78 (August 2010)
    • Western release: ΩTH
    • (Western release) Jun. 1, 2012
    • Western release (steam): Fruitbat Factory (2015)
  • Genre: 2D horizontal shooting game
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