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Shifu is the main villain of SUGURI.

He is a scientist and the commander of an invading alien force. The altered humans fought by Suguri are all under his command - except Hime. Even looking like Shifu is enough to make Saki, Iru, Nanako, Kae and Kyouko follow every command. This was abused by NoName in the Falling Wonder scenario of Acceleration of Suguri X.

Shifu invaded Suguri's planet using a massive robotic army and his subordinate altered humans. He doesn't seem to have any notable fighting capabilities with regular weapons, but he is able to control a giant mech equipped with flamethrower bots, beam mines, heat seeking missiles and gigantic fists.

His orders are absolute, but he isn't well-liked by anyone on the spaceship. Hime, who is independent of his commands, calls him "the scum of the scum" when he threatens to harm the civilians living on the space ship.

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