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A character who first appeared as a boss enemy in SUGURI.

Saki is one of the altered humans under the command of Shifu. Out of them Saki is the first one to face Suguri in battle. Saki's weaponry is music-themed: she fights using maracas-shaped grenades, beam energy tambourines, energy waves called cymbals and orange-blue-colored energy spheres called bells.

Saki is always seen in thick clothing regardless of the weather. She is cheery and enjoys cooking. Her catchphrase is Mau~.

In Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition, she is the star of the second story mode, "Pudding Deity". In it, she fights against all of the characters from SUGURI before finally facing off against QP, the star of QP Shooting, an earlier game made by Orange-Juice.

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Acceleration of Suguri

Acceleration of Suguri 2

100% Orange Juice