< Suguri

Project One Edit

Complete Arcade Mode on Easy

Nice to Shifu Edit

Beat Shifu's first form without taking damage

Easily done with Force Edge, Flamethrower or Shock. Just don't run into the wheelbots.

Mine, all Mine! Edit

Destroy all mines on Stage 2

The easiest method is using Trap. Also possible by disabling targeting.

Stealth Attack Edit

Beat Stage 6 without getting hit by the motion sensor mines or the giant laser

Shock Proof Edit

Beat Stage 4 without getting hit by lightning

Shut Your Trap! Edit

Kill 200 enemies with the Trap weapon

I Meant To Do That Edit

While hyper-dashing, run into un-dashable bullets 100 times

Determined Edit

Game Over in Arcade mode 101 times

Bullet Dancer Edit

Defeat Hime without taking damage on Hard

This is potentially easier once you acquire the Accelerator, since you can skip the dangerous patterns with the hyper. See here[[1]] for more details.

Beam Saber Edit

Unlock the Sword

An Elegant Weapon Edit

Unlock the Force Edge Weapon

RX-78 Edit

Beat the game using the Beam Rifle and Sword on Normal difficulty

Over Heated Edit

Defeat three stages over 150% on the heat gauge in Story Mode

Weapons Fully Loaded Edit

Unlock all weapons

Note: This achievement is broken and does not trigger.