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Stage 7 - Moonlight Edit

Recommended weapons: Pod, Shock, Spread, Beam Rifle, Launcher, Pilebunker, Accelerator

Pods can deal lots of damage to Hime while you’re busy dodging her attacks. The shock has a highly damaging Hyper, though the regular attack most likely won’t be able to hit the nimble Hime.

The stage portion after the initial conversation is the shortest in the game. Hime appears and fires an omnidirectional wave of beam bullets every couple seconds. Dashing through the middle of them yields massive amounts of Hyper, which makes you basically untouchable throughout the stage. The rocket/beam spamming enemies of stage 6 return here and can be damaged by Hime’s attacks. Otherwise feel free to blast them with your Hyper attacks.

Lots of debris flies all over the screen. It can’t hurt you so you can ignore it altogether or attack it to build up your damage chain for some extra score.

Halfway into the stage Hime also aims a laser beam at you.

Once the enemies stop appearing, fill your Hyper gauge to the max and prepare yourself for the final battle.

Boss Hime (12.000 HP) Edit

Hime’s first two health gauges have 3000 HP while the last one has 6000.

Hime combines the characteristics of all the previous bosses: the wave attacks of Saki, the swift movement of Iru, the movement inhibition of Nanako, the Heat raising of Kae, the defensive attacks of Kyoko and the superpowered laser beam attack of Shifu. On top of all this Hime is the only boss in the game who becomes shielded during her Hyper attacks – just like Suguri.

Move next to Hime and let your dash rings touch her ripples of beam bullets - in other words, dance with her.

Enemy attack patterns Edit

Comment: Her blue attacks are undashable and act more like Melee attacks. Her red attacks however are Beam attacks.

Rippling Breath Edit

Rippling Breath

Beam/undashable(SP) damage: 600

Subtle Promise Edit

Subtle Promise

Beam/undashable damage: 400

Entrapment Edit


Special damage: 300

Comment: Doesn't block your shots, but dashing through it causes damage

Inviolability Edit


Beam/undashable damage: 500

Gentle Breeze Edit

Gentle Breeze

Beam/undashable damage: 500

Delicate Pains of Paradise Edit

Delicate Pains of Paradise

Special damage: 300

Comment: Doesn't block your shots, but dashing through it causes damage

Beauty of Needles Edit

Beauty of Needles

Beam/undashable damage: 400

Rippling Wind Edit

Rippling Wind

Beam/undashable damage: 500

Eternal Incandescence Edit

Eternal Incandescence

Beam/undashable blade damage: 500 Beam bullet damage: 300

White Amber Edit

White Laser

Undashable damage: 1000