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Stage 6 - Spaceship Edit

This stage and its boss allow you to get creative with your weapon combo. Some of the recommended weapons: Shock, Beam Rifle, Force Edge, Flamethrower, Sword, Spread, 4 Cannon, Beam Bazooka, Trap

Shock devastates Shifu as he is completely unable to move.

The Beam Rifle takes care of enemies quickly and is efficient at clearing out the proximity mines in the tunnel.

The Force Edge almost trivializes Shifu’s first phase and helps you against the rockets in the second. It also gets rid of the mines if you attack the walls near them, though you might want to turn off targeting for the tunnel.

The Flamethrower’s piercing damage is good for demining and deals damage to Shifu while destroying his homing missiles.

Well-timed Sword strikes can shield you from Shifu’s fists and rockets.

The Spread gun is as useful as always.

The 4 Cannon can deal huge damage to enemies at point blank range and clear out the mines in the tunnel.

The Beam Bazooka destroys rockets and clears out the mines.

The Traps are tricky to use, but they clear the tunnel for you and shutdown Shifu’s rockets.

This is the longest stage in Suguri, and its boss Shifu has the highest HP total out of all the bosses. Though it’s possible to burn through those hitpoints without getting hit by using the terrific Shock weapon, you should still minimize your losses throughout the stage.

The first enemies shoot beam bullets in a clockwise direction starting at 3 o clock. This means if you stay above them you can destroy them before their bullets go your way. If you can’t destroy them in time they will fire rockets as well. You might want to stop shooting then and try to evade the rockets by walldashing instead.

After you dispose of the enemies who shoot beam bullets and rockets like crazy you run into huge ships with 600 HP. The Flamethrower, Force Edge and 4 Cannon among others turn them into mincemeat.

There's no midboss before you have to fight Shifu. Instead, you enter a tunnel filled with Proximity mines which are nigh impossible to get past without setting them off or destroying them. What’s worse, every few seconds a warning flashes at your horizontal position and Shifu blasts the tunnel with his beam laser. Don’t allow him to aim the laser at the center of the tunnel or you won’t be able to evade without dashing, and while you dash you can’t destroy the mines. Don’t hoard those Hypers.

You can try to disable lock-on for the tunnel by pressing both lock-on buttons. That way your shots fly horizontally and won't hit the walls. You just need to align yourself horizontally with the incoming mines.

Boss Shifu (HP 18000) Edit

Shifu has two phases, each packing 9000 HP. However, in contrast to the other bosses his giant robot doesn’t dodge your shots at all. To make up for this he uses some of the most sophisticated attacks in the game. Traps and Force Edge allow you to nullify most of his missile attacks.

Shifu's most dangerous attack is arguably Missile Swarm. The explosions of the giant rockets upon hitting the opposite edge are huge, but dashable. Mind them when you use Force Edge to get rid of them.

A single traps will protect you from all the rockets, but Shifu will still attack you with his fists. You can place traps next to each other, that way you have plenty room to dodge the fists. Placing a Trap Hyper right on top of Shifu helps a lot.

If you have Shock equipped and a full Hyper gauge you can finish enter the second phase without dodging any attacks except the flamethrowers.

Enemy attack patterns Edit

Robo Laser I Edit

Robo Laser

Beam Laser damage: 1000

Beam Bullets damage: 400

Comment: It won't hit you when you're close to Shifu's cockpit.

Small missile Edit


Live ammunition damage: 500

Durability 50

Comment: The missiles are unable to hit you while you damage Shifu with the Force Edge.

Mine bots Edit

Mine bots

Live ammunition contact damage: 500

Beam explosion damage: 400

Durability 50

Robo Laser II Edit

Robo Laser II

Beam Laser damage: 1000

Beam Bullets damage: 400

Rocks Live Ammunition damage: 500

Durability 80

Comment: The laser aims on you right when it fires. It always moves clockwise outside of SP difficulty. Walldash ahead so that the laser trails behind you, the rocks won't hit you and you get lots of Hyper gauge.

Flamethrower Wheel Bots Edit

Wheel bots
Flamethrower Bots

Beam flame damage: 400 (?)

Live ammunition impact damage: 500

Durability: 200

Comment: Don't let them spawn on top of you. The wheel bots appear in both Phase 1 and 2 of the fight. In the 2nd phase they also function as flamethrowers, stay in the corners to avoid colliding with them.

Robo Punch Edit

Robo Punch

Melee damage:500

Missile Swarm Edit

Missile Swarm

Live ammunition Impact damage: 500

Durability 30

Beam explosion damage: 400