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Stage 4 - Storm Edit

There’s lots of live ammunition in this stage as well, bringing Force Edge, Pods, or Launcher can help. Beam Bazooka can also help you dispose of Kae’s knives, but only those headed straight at you – the rebounding shots might hit you from the sides. The Buster shutdown tactic used in the Iru battle can be used here as well, though the timing is trickier due to Kae's speed.The Spread Gun is useful again as the boss doesn’t punish close range weapons as much as the previous one.

Using Traps is also efficient, especially in the SP fight: there you don't always have the opportunity to destroy missiles due to the pressure of the two clones. But if you place a few Traps beforehand you can focus on dodging without pesky missiles flying all over the place. *~*TRAP INFO*~* Trap is a useful side weapon for the entire level. You can place them according to enemy spawn location, as to most of them are spawning in lines and follow the pattern. Trap can be used in a wall to block Kae's knives, and placing three in one spot helps in both forms of the midboss.

The stage boss is a melee fighter foremost. While it makes sense to bring a gun to a fistfight, using the Sword or Pilebunker isn’t a bad idea at all. You can use their shield frames to bypass the flames of the midboss and Kae’s more dangerous attacks.

This stage takes place in a thunderstorm. A flashing warning above you will warn you of impending lightning bolts. These are dashable and can shock enemies as well. Shocked enemies hurt on you contact when you’re not dashing. Flamethrower enemies appear in between. Flames can’t be dashed through. A large flamethrower enemy will appear and move from one side of the screen to the other while rotating. At this point it can’t be defeated, but you can shoot the enemy to fill your Hyper gauge and get score points. The center of it is safe.

Once the lightning and enemy attacks cease the enemy returns as the stage midboss.

Midboss Edit

Part 1: 3x1000 HP Edit

Once again you’re safe from the flames in the center, but lots of Beam bullets will appear from there. Dash through to receive much Hyper gauge while avoiding the flames. Use Hypers to damage the flamethrowers. The midboss rotates faster with each destroyed flamethrower.

Try to finish off 2 flamethrowers as fast as possible, use hypers freely for that. Then fill up your Hyper and try to finish off the last one without spending another Hyper so you can start the next phase with 3 gauges.

Once all three are destroyed, part 2 begins.

Part 2: 3000 HP Edit

It will move slowly around the screen while shooting slightly homing flames at you. They dance around the screen edges on impact, which punishes walldashing. Due to the bullets flying around the screen some “dash dancing” might be needed – or a well-placed Hyper attack.

Boss Kae: 9000 HP Edit

Kae, the slayer of slow Suguris. Just like Nanako she fills the screen with bullets within seconds. Speed is Kae’s game: You need fast reflexes or you will get pummeled. Don’t stand to close to her before she uses any of her attacks. If you keep a medium distance in between attacks you should have enough time to react to anything she does.

Kae will force you to dash around a lot, raising your Hyper to 300% and keeping it there. The impact of her main body during the second Hyper attack at max Heat level will drain over 50% of your health gauge. Use Hyper attacks every now and then so you don’t need to dash around too much and have a moment to cool off. A good method of defense against her melee attacks is to use the Trap hyper, or just place a circle of traps around you in a corner.

Throughout the battle she spreads a fan of knives counterclockwise which bounce of the screen edges once, kind of like the daggers of Sakuya Izayoi in Touhou. Those daggers should be destroyed ASAP before they catch you from behind. A single dash attack from the Spread Gun takes care of this, and the Force Edge serves this purpose just as well - except when you fight SP Kae, as the knives are accompanied by beam bullets and Kae's two clones. Its kind of tricky, but placing a Trap on top of Kae shuts her down. Placing the traps near the center is also an option.

Most of the time she will wait 2 seconds for the knives to spread out before lunging at your position to punch you in the face. Distance is no problem for Kae: the farther away you are, the faster she will chase you down. This attack can be evaded by dodging either to the sides or moving behind her: only the impact itself hurts.

Sometimes however she won’t lunge at you immediately after throwing the knives: she can move elsewhere and sucker punch you, or she can use another knive attack.

In between those attacks she also uses a razor wind like beam attack. It’s either aimed at you or spread out widely. In both cases you should be ready to dash through.

During all this she uses various special attacks depending on her health left:

  • Force Edge: Kae becomes faster with each assault. The attack can be evaded quite easily by moving in circles or in a square shape. If you’re feeling gutsy you can even shoot her while she’s charging at you. It also gives you a decent amount of Hyper gauge. Your heat will rise rapidly though. When the attack is over Kae will go back to throwing knives, use your Hyper attack right there before you get hit at a high Heat percentage.
  • Heat Stroke: For this attack your lock-on fades as multiple clones of Kae appear and lunge at you successively. Keep dashing towards the sides, moving forward doesn’t work well here. Once all the Clones have attacked Kae herself will smash your current position, dealing devastating damage. This attack is fiendishly hard to avoid especially on the higher difficulties, so you should have a Hyper attack ready for it. Press dash repeatedly for faster evades, your heat is likely at 300% anyway. Try to dash behind her just as she makes her lunge.
  • Heat Mirage: Don’t stay anywhere near the red lines or you will get caught by the clones. If you can’t get rid of the knives in time it’s better to ignore them and tank a hit. A knife hit deals mere 300 damage in comparison to the Hyper attack’s 1000.

Enemy attack patterns Edit

Solid Fan Edit

Solid Fan

Beam damage: 300

Durability: 30

Beam Slasher Edit

Beam Slasher

Beam damage: 400

Immolation Claws Edit

Immolation Claws

Melee damage: 600

Force Edge Edit

Force Edge

Melee damage: 1000

Beam damage: 400

Heat Stroke Edit

Heat Stroke

Melee damage: 1500

Clone Melee damage: 600

Heat Mirage Edit

Heat Mirage

Melee damage: 1000