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Stage 3 - Ravine Edit

The stage boss will punish the use of close range weapons, thus the Beam Rifle is highly recommended here. The Launcher helps to reduce the amount of live ammunition flying around. Trap, Force Edge and Pod thin out the live ammunition as well. The Beam Bazooka is effective, too, as its wide bullets take out most of the live ammunition headed in your direction. The Buster is somewhat difficult to use, but can deal full damage to Nanako while she’s shielded while taking out the bit shots.

The first two stages were just the warmup - the difficulty spikes in this stage. By now you should master techniques like the walldash. In the first part a new type of enemy appears from the top corners, the first regular enemy (outside of Hard mode) which combines Beam and Live ammunition attacks. It drops slow homing rockets upon appearing, fires Beam rings and throws out more rockets before disappearing. The rings can yield you a lot of Hyper gauge, but you should be wary of leaving those enemies alone for too long. The scenery shifts underground. The ground in this part doesn’t hurt you, but can absorb your shots if you’re too close to it. Either use Penetration weapons or position yourself above the enemy rather than horizontally. Don't be stingy with the Hypers, the midboss can fill plenty of your gauge.

Mid-boss (5000 HP) Edit

This enemy compensates its giant hitbox by hiding in the rock walls of the tunnel. It uses two attacks alternatingly: it shoots drills at the borders of the screen to drop rocks all over the tunnel. The large Beam rings give you massive amounts of Hyper gauge, especially when you dash right next to the bullet spawn point. This guy is very annoying to fight with conventional tactics: anything but penetrating weapons are unlikely to hit him from a distance. The drills are always aimed towards the front: your best bet is to stay underneath or above the boss until the Beam rings come out, walldash to absorb them and attack after it goes back to using drills. Trying to destroy those is mostly futile as they can pass through the rock ceiling and ground. Instead, stay close to the boss and use Hypers whenever rocks are headed your way. Keep your distance when the boss moves out of the screen in order to not bump in his drills.

Boss Nanako (9000 HP) Edit

Depending on your playstyle Nanako may turn out to be a whole different beast compared to the first two bosses. Her fight is reminiscent of a bullet hell game as her attacks are much more intricate and lengthy than before. The walldash technique is very useful here.

Nanako is a defensive boss who attempts to trap you in between countless mine-like shots and then snipe you with highly damaging lasers. She is surrounded by 5 pods/bits which emit Ether Mines and Tentacle Needles. These pods orbiting Nanako attack non-stop and make it harder to approach her from the flanks. Observe those pods rather than Nanako's sprite since they cause all of her attacks. Also, during Tentacle Mines and Spring Storm the pods protect her and reduce the damage of non-penetrating shots.

The aimed shots will miss you if you simply keep moving in between shots, but be careful not to bump into the live ammunition shots. Sometimes it’s safer to walldash and increase your Hyper gauge instead of shooting back. During her first HP gauge she will emit a swirl of Tentacle Mines and Ether Mines. Up to Hard mode it is possible to position yourself between the former and blast the latter out of the way, on the higher difficulties it's much safer to just walldash. While she’s shielded by the pods every non-penetrating weapon only deals half damage. When it ends try to stay either at the top or bottom corners of the arena as Nanako is about to use a Hyper attack. During her first Shield gauge she randomly uses either Shell Shoot or Tentacle Breath I.

  • The homing pods change their curve rather slowly and thus you can try to dash behind them. The remaining pods keep shooting out live ammunition to block your escape path. Have a Hyper ready when you find yourself cornered. My advice is to lunge forward so the pods miss you and dash back after a second to escape the pods. While the pods return to Nanako they continue shooting omnidirectional and aimed shots, and the Ether Mines are still everywhere, be cautious.
  • During Tentacle Breath I Remain calm and slowly walldash along the left border, the Ether Mines during this attack are aimed at your sides.

On her second HP gauge she can move to the center of the screen instead to initiate a different Hyper attack, Spring Storm:

  • Once again she’s shielded by the pods and receives half damage from most weapons. The attack lasts for a very long time: If you have three hypers you can barely last through it shielded. Hiding at the corners might get you in trouble, move vertically on the left side of the screen instead. Shooting in between the rotating lasers is possible and thins out the mines, but is somewhat dangerous.

On her last gauge she uses Tentacle Breath II right after unleashing a swarm of Ether Mines. Depending on your loadout it could be the one you need to fear the most.

  • If you have something like Trap or Force Edge equipped use it to protect yourself against the mines, otherwise have Hypers ready and try to last through it. Right before Tentacle Breath starts dash near the pods to rake in the Hyper gauge needed to finish Nanako off.

Enemy attack patterns Edit

Ether Mines Edit

Ether Mine

Damage: 500

Durability: 30

Tentacle Needles Edit

Damage: 600

Tentacle Mines Edit

Tentacle Mine

Damage: 600

Tentacle Breath I Edit

Tentacle Breath I

Damage: 1600

Spring Storm Edit

Spring Storm

Comment: This attack is basically a combination of Tentacle Breath, Tentacle Mines and Ether Mines.

Shell Shoot Edit

Shell Shoot

Damage: 400

Tentacle Breath II Edit

Tentacle Breath II

Damage: 1600

Comment: This attack is always preceded by a swarm of Ether Mines.