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Stage 2 - Lake Edit

The Spread Gun excels again in this stage. The Flamethrower, Launcher, Buster, 4-Cannon and Force Edge are recommended as well.

After defeating a bunch of interceptors and large robots, you submerge in the ocean. A big submarine enemy will appear: the first out of three, the third being the stage midboss. It has 3000 HP and you can destroy it for some extra score, but you can simply ignore it as well. It will move along the bottom and top side of the screen and attack you with a simultaneous beam and rocket attack. Fire one of your weapons to destroy some of the rockets and dash through the gap. Be ready to deal with the fish robots then. Next to their spawn locations they are surrounded by underwater mines, courtesy of the resident stage boss, Iru. Touching their force field damages you and you can’t dash through them. It’s best to avoid them, try not to dash around too recklessly. They are somewhat resilient, but can be destroyed. After destroying more fish you surface again.A second submarine enemy will leap up. Again, you can destroy the 3000 HP submarine, but you don’t have to. You submerge another time and the final submarine attacks you.

Mid-boss (3000 HP) Edit

Unlike the two previous ones you need to destroy it to progress. It moves to the center of the screen and gains a force field. It will fire a flamelike Beam shot which you can dash through. At the same time damaging mines fall from the top, however those mines aren’t durable like the ones earlier in the stage. Stay at the bottom, moving towards the top is dangerous unless you have the Force Edge or Trap.Dash through the beam, destroy mines coming your way and make short work of the submarine. You surface and destroy a couple more interceptors. Suddenly WARNING flashes in the middle of the screen and a large Laser beam appears. Simply walldash in the middle to rake in some Hyper gauge.

Boss Iru (9000 HP) Edit

Iru moves around a lot while throwing mines in every direction. Iru’s mines however explode if left alone. The explosions are quite large and deal respectable damage, but are dashable. You can use the Buster and other Beam weapons to shut down her rockets. The Launcher and 4-Cannon accomplish that as well. Watch out for the beam attack, though. You should keep a medium distance when she is about to fire. That, or use the time when she stands still to punish her with a Hyper attack. Watch out for her Hyper attack on the final gauge: she launches a wide beam attack while unleashing a wide fan of live ammunition daggers. The laser is the single most damaging attack in the game – it hurts more than Nanako’s lasers, Kae’s ExtremeSpeed, Shifu’s Laser beam and Hime’s white laser. Don’t get hit. If you’re close to her, you can try to dash behind her as there’s a massive blind spot. Otherwise, dash to escape the beam and dodge the daggers. The best strat here is to simply smack her with your own Hyper attack.

Enemy attack patterns Edit

High-Speed Photon Rifle Edit

High-Speed Photon Rifle

Damage: 1200

Rocket Launcher Edit

Missile Bullet

Damage: 600

Durability: 30

Homing Missile Pod Edit

Homing Missile Pod

Damage: 800

Durability: 30

Laser Mine Edit

Laser Mine

Damage: 400 (Contact), 1200 (Explosion)

Durability: 30

Comment: Touching the mine itself hurts less than the explosion occuring after a few seconds. The latter is dashable, though.

Full Output Linear Ray Edit

Full Output Linear Ray

Damage: 1800 (Beam), 1000 (Live Ammunition)

Durability: 30

Comment: Look at that damage.

The laser is the single most damaging attack in the game – it hurts more than Nanako’s lasers, Kae’s lunge, Shifu’s laser beam and Hime’s white laser. Don’t get hit.