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In the aftermath of numerous wars waged repeatedly over time, the tattered earth was quickly dying. These devastating wars had not only decimated the population, but had basically depleted the earth of its natural, precious resources.

Some of the survivors saw no hope of salvation and decided to leave the earth. They flew into the skies to face an uncertain future elsewhere.

Determined to heal the planet, the remaining survivors stayed behind in an attempt to repair and revive the ravaged earth. But was it too late? Nothing that the humans attempted had successfully worked. Humanity soon realized that it was practically impossible for them to bring the earth back to life on their own.

During this very bleak and urgent period, a special operation (code-named “Project One”) was desperately undertaken, as the humans devoted a massive amount of time to scientific research and development in creating a new “being” that had the functional capabilities of mending the planet. In surprising time, only one person was able to successfully complete “Project One,” however it came at a great price . . . the cost of his life.

The person he used for the project was a girl named Suguri.

Suguri began her mission to revive the earth. She single-handedly tried to bring the deteriorating planet back to life.

Many years went by.

Eventually, the earth’s natural environment steadily improved. Flowers came into bloom. The forests continued to grow and spread and even wildlife began to reappear. The earth had improved to the point where even humans were now able to become involved again with Suguri in helping to effectively restore the planet.

Time continued passing by when . . .

One day, “something” unidentifiable was rapidly coming down from the sky. It wasn’t rain. It wasn’t snow. It appeared that this “something” was actually flying in the sky, although it wasn’t a bird or an aircraft. Suguri didn’t know what it was, but everyone was worried, so she decided to investigate . . .