The earth was utterly destroyed. Countless wars had utterly destroyed the Earth and its people.

A few of the remaining humans abandoned the Earth. They flew into the sky without even any direction.

A few of the people living on Earth began to mend the Earth. But it was already utterly destroyed though, and human hands couldn't manage it.

The Earth was a hopeless case for human hands. Therefore people created a "person" who would do whatever it took for an absurd amount of time. No matter how long it took, there was just one person.

That sole person was called "Suguri."

Suguri began to mend the Earth. In the vast and wide Earth, she was only one person who would endeavor to do whatever it took.

A long, long time passed.

Slowly, the Earth became pretty. Flowers began to blossom. A few forests spread. Gradually, a few living things increased in number. Ordinary humans began to help Suguri to do whatever they could for the Earth. Thus, Suguri tried her best with everyone.

Thus again, a little time passed...

One day, many things fell from the sky. The things weren't rain, and they weren't snow. They seemed to fly, but they weren't birds. Suguri didn't know what they were, but they troubled everyone, so for now she decided to go investigate.