Your save file (i.e. your unlocked stages in Stage Select, Match mode data and unlocked Weapons) is stored in the game directory as system.dat.

As of December 2014 the Steam version has multiple unfortunate issues:

Bugs Edit

Steam release Edit

The "Weapons Fully Loaded" achievement is bugged and can't be fulfilled, even when all 17 Weapons have been unlocked.

The game crashes if the users steam name has unique characters upon entering post-death score screen.

If the game path (e.g. C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Suguri) is too long the game might crash upon finishing a stage.

Pressing Alt-Tab in Fullscreen mode doesn't work as the game won't be minimized properly.

Troubleshooting Edit

Steam release Edit

Non working pad movement: try adjusting the pad sensitivity in SUGURI's config tool

Achievements don't unlock: save a replay of the run where you fulfill the achievement and watch the replay. The achievement should unlock.

Steam Cloud doesn't actually backup your savefile, only your config file and your scores. Back up your system.dat when you're changing your computer/uninstalling the game.