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Love love star breaker ( (ラブラブ☆スターラブレイカー) is a drama CD that attempts to answer the question, "What if there was an alternate universe where Star Breaker was a normal high school student?"

Cast: Edit

Reina Toda reprises her role as the voice actor of Star Breaker.

Hono (the writer of Sora) voices the ordinary high school student.

Contents Edit

Track 1 is the longest track. (15 minutes long.) It outlines Starbreaker's plain life as a student who is into making food, taking care of a cat, and teasing the daylights out of a regular male student. Events include her successfully giving a cat a bath, or licking his finger after it has been cut. She bosses him around generally, then demands he be a good pillow and hold still, as she falls asleep on his stomach.

At the end he says "Hoshi no Reika (i.e. StarBreaker), is a girl you would always fight with for everything. Even it was to protect this "star"(planet). But when I look at her sleeping on me, I thought she's not that bad."

Track 2 is 5 minutes of the voice actors reflecting on the characters they played, and whether Starbreaker is a yandere.

The rest of the tracks are short ones, and may have been meant to be replace the sound effects on a computer or cell phone. Lines include:

"File not found. KABOOM!"

"Mail received. Rest."

"It's morning. Get up fast. If you don't I'll blow up. If you want me to get mad, stay in bed for 5 more seconds." 

"Now orbiting""

"Then, let's begin?"

"Now connecting"