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Hime is one of the main characters of the Suguri series and first appeared as the final boss of SUGURI.

She is the Guardian God of Shifu's spaceship and protects all of its inhabitants. She claims to have existed more than 10.000 years, just like Suguri.

Hime wears a hairclip or a head decoration in form of a red rose. Her dress resembles a clerical cassock due to its a short shoulder cape akin to a pellegrina. A large gem somewhat resembling a redcurrant adorns her chest. It is similar to the decorations of the hostile army in sora. Hime's chain is hidden in the gem.

Her clothing is very elegant and her manner of speaking is exalted: When she first met Suguri she called her "lady" (貴女 - kijo).

This and her title of "Guardian God" suggests that she is a primordial and noble being. In contrast to the other girls faced by Suguri she is not under Shifu's direct command.

She is the guardian and last hope of the spaceship, and appropriately her combat capabilities are very impressive. Her most iconic weapon is either her Binding Chain or her red blue energetic wing attack called God Knows.

Hime enjoys dancing.

List of official appearances: Edit


Acceleration of Suguri


Acceleration of Suguri 2

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