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The first boss enemy of sora.

An altered human and a warrior fighting an uneven battle in the grey and dull sky.

Sora's combat capabilities surpass Alte's by far, but she still fights to the bitter end to defend her loved ones. A silver ring is seen on her left hand.

Fights using a halberd-shaped shock rod, a large machine gun and Beam panels. She utilizes a surveillance search panel which locks on to her enemy and improves the aiming of her shots.

List of official appearances:Edit


Acceleration of Suguri 2

100% Orange Juice

200% Mixed Juice

Acceleration of Suguri 2 profile Edit

Introduction Edit

/sob sob.- Suddenly, an enemy ship runs into you.

Normal Moves Edit

WA Edit

Submachine Gun

  • Press WA [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 30x 4-40
    • Ammo Use: 5-100%
    • Fires "ballistic" bullets rapidly in a small spread. Can move while firing. Useable until ammo is depleted. Requires three hits to stun the opponent.

Submachine Gun (Fast)

  • Dash + WA [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 30x 4-33
    • Ammo Use: 8-100%
    • This depletes ammo faster, but movement while firing is more agile.

WB Edit

Deploy Beam Panel

  • Press WB [Beam]
    • Damage: 100x
    • Ammo Use: 40%
    • Six turrets surround the caster in a hexagon shape and fire four beams each. Normally, one is directly aimed at the opponent, but when the search light panel is out, none are aimed directly. The turrets can be destroyed before they can even fire the beams.

Missile Launch

  • Hold WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 200x6
    • Ammo Use: 30%
    • Six missiles are placed in a hexagon shape with one directly aimed at the opponent. Has slight homing that becomes much stronger with the scanner out.

SP Edit

Search Light Shield

  • Hold SP (with Search Light Panel active)
    • Damage: 30x
    • Ammo Use: 5-100%
    • It doesn't do much damage, but it can defend against projectiles and push away the opponent. It stops inflicting damage after running out of ammo. As of 1.03, the panel is considered to be in "shield mode" as long as you have WA ammo remaining, which causes any non-piercing attacks that hit it to be negated. Successfully blocked hits will display a "guard" message. Half of the attack's damage is dealt to the panel's health while in this mode.

Shock Rod

  • Press SP + WA [Melee]
    • Damage: 80x6
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Dashes towards the opponent and shocks. Partial homing properties.


  • Press SP + WB [Melee]
    • Damage: 30x
    • Ammo Use: 100%
    • Sends out two floating turrets that slowly rotate and fire bullets when the opponent is in its range. Its search light is rather short and narrow in range. It slowly floats around bouncing off walls for about 16 seconds, if not destroyed.

Hyper Attacks Edit

Hyper A1: Search Light Panel (SLP) Edit

  • Execution: Hyper
    • Creates a surveillance camera that is permanently locked on to the opponent. Has 1000 health. The panel will maintain its position relative to Alte unless one of her other moves repositions it. It stays out forever until destroyed. It is NOT invincible during a Shield and gets damaged even by grazed attacks. It is possible for the panel to be outside the stage border where some attacks cannot hit it. If this hyper is used while the panel is still out, SLP Spark is used instead.

Hyper A2: SLP Spark Edit

  • Execution: Hyper (with Search Light Panel active)
    • Damage: 90x8 (720 total)
    • This is the Hyper used when Search Light Panel is already out. The panel will move in front of Alte and cast a shockwave in front of itself, inflicting damage to anything nearby.

Hyper B: Shock Rod Punisher Edit

  • Execution: SP + Hyper
    • Damage: 60x8 + 80 (680 total)
    • A stronger version of the pile bunker. If your first charge misses, pressing WA will consume more Hyper meter to allow you to restart the attack. This can be done twice.

Hyper C: Full Assault Edit

  • Execution: WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 100x + 200x
    • Six turrets and six missiles surround the caster. The turrets will fire 6 more missiles and more lasers than its normal counterpart. Damage values are the same.

Hyper D: Shock Ball Edit

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 45x
    • Ten round thunderbolts circle around the caster, then slowly moves toward the enemy.

Accel Hyper: Alte Ship Attack Edit

  • Execution: WB + Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 1400
    • Yeah... uhh... This is where suddenly a drunk pilot rams into two girls making love. Somehow... SOMEHOW... the ship explodes.

Strategies Edit

Vs Suguri: At a range, Suguri isn't all that threatening since her beams and missiles don't really hinder your attacks. Her melee is good, but it isn't something you can't deal with. But how well can you deal with Suguri's sword beams? Because that is what this match-up boils down to. Sword beams takes care of most every non-Hyper thing you can do, and it also works well in damaging the SLP. Any damage you do will almost have to be when Suguri is waiting on her WB ammo to recharge. SLP is almost necessary to win as the missile pressure will drive Suguri out of sword beam range.

Vs Saki:

Vs Iru: You have no space control until you get the SLP out. Iru will be able to throw traps out, and you won't be able to stop her. Her homing missiles should be avoided, but you can reliably Machine Gun through her other missiles.

Vs Nanako:

Vs Kae:

Vs Kyoko: Much like Iru, Kyoko also has no problems setting up a static defense with crystals and dash lasers. Once the crystals become "powered", you have pretty much no way of destroying them without using meter. SLP doesn't help much in this fight as it will likely be hit by Kyoko's dash lasers as you move to avoid them and her melee hyper will almost always destroy the SLP.

Vs Hime:

Vs Sora:

Vs Alte:

Vs Tsih: SLP will work even if Tsih uses her cloaking hyper. However, rocks with destroy the SLP in short order and cut through most of Alte's attacks. Beam panels and occasionally the machine gun will be your main tools here.

Vs Mira:

Vs Sham: Sham's bots and blocks make it too hard to mount an offense until you get SLP out. Thankfully, Sham's bots will let you get a lot of meter so you don't need to worry too much about SLP getting destroyed as you will almost always have the meter to bring it back. SLP+beams is more useful here than in other match-ups since the beam spread will keep the bots under control. Only melee if Sham has no bots out. However, none of Alte's melee attacks will hit Sham while she has her barrier up.

Vs Nath: Nath is slow, very slow. This is good, because you'll need to stay away from her once she reaches Lv. 2. Since Alte relies on ballistics, "Nath chop" will cut through most everything and will destroy SLP after only a couple chops. Shock Ball can be useful here as Nath will want to get close, but her slow speed will make escaping the hyper difficult.

Vs Star Breaker: SLP is useful here, but you'll use a lot of meter trying to keep it out. SB has a lot of attacks that will wear down the SLP, particularly the sticky mines. Her sweeping beams are also good at reducing the number of missiles she has to deal with. Oddly enough, Machine Gun can occasionally beat out SB's melee.

Vs Sumika: