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Acceleration of SUGURI 2 is a 2D horizontal shooting/fighting game for the PC.

Gameplay Edit

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Acceleration of SUGURI 2 features two game modes: ARCADE and MATCH mode. ARCADE mode offers storylines for each playable character.

In MATCH(VERSUS) mode you can either battle against a human opponent, a computer-controlled opponent, a human opponent over the network or have a training match against a passive opponent.

Using the Hyper Dash mechanic to evade enemy shots and managing the Heat and Hyper gauges is essential to winning the fight.

Story Edit

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Acceleration of SUGURI 2 includes single player campaigns for all of its playable characters.

Miscellaneous Edit

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Acceleration of SUGURI 2 is a lightning-paced duel-style shoot'em'up from Orange Juice, featuring all favorite characters from the SUGURI universe.] "